Beauty News NYC: Self Care Products You Need To Try At Home Now


Vegetarians and vegans: have we got the daily vitamin for you. Ode Daily is the new must-have grab-and-go supplement powder that has been created specifically to support those on a plant-based diet. Ode was created in collaboration with scientists and nutritionists to provide the essential vitamins and minerals you need for a well-balanced, plant-based lifestyle. To take your daily supplement, mix one of the sachets with 1/2 a cup of room temperature water and drink before your first meal of the day or with it. Super easy, and what I like is because you take your supplement first thing in the morning there is no need to forget later. Ode gets you on a routine to make sure you take in your proper nutrients before you set out for the day. Other benefits of Ode include better immunity, more energy, and anti-inflammatory effects. The company also is supportive of the environment as all the boxes the sachets come in are 100% vegan and recyclable. All first time orders will receive the free doe shaker and if you give your email you will enjoy an additional $15 off. Take control of your health and go to

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