Why Zinc is the Gatekeeper of Immunity

Why Zinc is the Gatekeeper of Immunity

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Zinc is said to be the gatekeeper of immunity but can this little mineral found in oysters actually help our health?

An essential mineral that your body does not make on its own, you can only obtain zinc through food or supplements (similar to b12). Naturally found in shellfish, meat and dairy you can still get zinc in a well-planned plant based diet, however, studies suggest that vegans and vegetarians need up to 50% more zinc in their diets than meat eaters¹.

Zinc aids in DNA synthesis, immune function, skin health (like healing acne and scars) and more. One study found that those who supplemented with zinc recovered 3x quicker from the common cold than those who didn't². Zinc can be found in many plant-based sources including whole grains, tofu, tempeh, legumes, nuts and seeds and fortified breakfast cereals but plant-based sources are less bioavailable due to their high phytate content³. This lack of bioavailability can be slightly counteracted when nuts, seeds and legumes are activated (process of sprouting in water prior to consumption) however animal sources still have higher bioavailability of zinc for the body. Saying this, there are still and estimated 2 billion people deficient in the vitamin worldwide⁴.

Ode researchers recommend the best way to keep immunity high for plant-based individuals (and meat eaters too) is to supplement with 15mg of zinc per day. One less thing to worry about for your better health.

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