Which Vegan Supplements Should You Take and Why

Which Vegan Supplements Should You Take and Why

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This is the NUMBER ONE question every vegan needs to ask themselves. If you’re a vegan and haven’t asked yourself this, then this article could be life-changing for your health. Find out what vegan supplements you should consider to get the nutrients you need. 

Why Take Vegan Supplements 

We all like to think we can do it on our own; letting go of this fallacy when it comes to your diet and overall health can mean the difference between life-long health or life-long illness.

Many that follow a plant-based diet may simply not know that a plant-based diet alone will rarely meet all their nutritional requirements. Don't get us wrong, plant-based foods contain many nutrients, but not all, and it takes some serious dedication to get all the nutrients you need. 

Top 3 Supplements for Vegan Health 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 would have to be the most talked-about nutrient when it comes to veganism. This is because vitamin B12 is only found in tiny amounts in very limited plant-based foods such as algae or contaminated foods. Vitamin B12 is largely found in manure, dirt, contaminated water and is stored in the muscle and liver of animals. 

Out of these options, it is easy to see why most would opt for getting vitamin B12 from meat, and you can see how this may be a problem for someone who doesn’t eat meat. 

The solution lies in vitamin B12 supplements, but make sure you check they are vegan or vegetarian. Also, remember to regularly check in with your health professional to ensure your B12 levels are stable. 

Vitamin D

You may be thinking vitamin D is sourced from the sun, and there’s no shortage of that…well, in many regions of the world! And you are correct. Although research suggests that in the USA alone, 41.6% of people may have vitamin D deficiency, and in Australia, one of the hottest countries in the world, 23% of people may have a deficiency in vitamin D.

We all know the dangers of sun exposure and skin cancer, and if you’re a vegan you won’t be getting your vitamin D from the usual red meat, fish or eggs. If your vegan, your options are limited, and this is where supplements can fill the void. 


Although, still under much debate as to if dairy products are the best source of calcium, for now, expert opinion and research points to yes. Although as a vegan, you can get some of your calcium from legumes, bony fish, and nuts. 

The problem with these foods is that they contain oxalates and phytates, which bind minerals such as calcium and stop the body from absorbing. Additionally, when found in dairy, lactose may help assist in the absorption of calcium. 

These are just a few of the critical nutrients you need to consider as a vegan. Collectively these nutrients ensure your bones and brain stay healthy.

Ode Daily is a vegan supplement that offers these nutrients and more as a way for you to get everything you need that you aren't getting from your plant-based diet.

Ode Daily Supplement

Ode Daily Supplement


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