Vegan Diets: What is the Best Source of Plant-based Vitamin B12

Vegan Diets: What is the Best Source of Plant-based Vitamin B12

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What is vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 is used in the development of your red blood cells and is essential for brain function. Without vitamin B12, your health is in a whole lot of trouble. As a vegan, you need to find a source of plant-based vitamin B12. We can help…

Where Does Vitamin B12 Actually Come From?

Vitamin B12 is made from a specific type of bacteria. Animals and humans consume this bacteria to form B12. But unfortunately, the bacteria are too far down the digestive tract for us to absorb what vitamin B12 our own body makes. What we can do, is sourced from the meat of animals. 

But this solution simply doesn’t work for vegans. So, let’s understand some more places you can find this special bacteria. You can also find this bacteria in manure, dirt or dirty water…but we do not suggest consuming from these sources, obviously! 

Mushrooms, nutritional yeast and some algae are also a source of vitamin B12. But only small amounts are usually found in these foods or are minimally bioavailable.

So, what do you do? 

Maybe toothpaste? Vitamin B12 is so important that scientists are considering fortifying toothpaste to provide a way of increasing vitamin B12 intake amongst those consuming a plant-based diet. 

But until this magical toothpaste comes along, there are such fantastic supplements available. And if you are vegan you need to strongly consider getting your vitamin B12 from a vitamin B12 supplement. 

But also, something to consider - do B12 supplements contain animal products? 

Where Plant-Based Vitamins Come From?

You need to check closely where your B12 is coming from because many are sourced from animals. True plant-based vitamin B12 comes from a process of feeding B12 producing microorganisms in a lab. These supplements are considered vegan and vegetarian, which is what is found in Ode Daily. 

The Best Plant-based Vitamins, That Give You Your Vitamin B12

Choose a plant-based vitamin supplement that contains a lineup of what you are likely to need if following a plant-based diet. Look for a supplement that contains vitamin D, iodine, zinc and B12. 

Making sure you take these group of vitamins and minerals together helps ensure many common nutritional deficiencies are not overlooked. Always check with a health professional if you are unsure of the quantities you require. 

How Much B12 is Needed from a Supplement?

Supplements are recommended as an excellent way for vegans to get a reliable source of their vitamin B12. But when looking for a vitamin B12 supplement more is not necessarily better and everybody will absorb different amounts of vitamin B12. This means the exact dosage is not an exact science. 

If you are vegan or vegetarian, always look for plant-based vitamins; we have this covered at Ode. Ode Daily contains 500mcg of vegan vitamin B12, to meet your daily requirements.  

Ode Daily Supplement

Ode Daily Supplement


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