Does Every Vegan Have to Take a Vitamin B12 Supplement?

Does Every Vegan Have to Take a Vitamin B12 Supplement?

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Vitamin B12 deficiency is no joke and is a real risk for those who follow a vegan diet. We look to the experts to understand the importance of vitamin B12 for vegans and where vegans get their vitamin B12 from whilst still maintaining a plant-based diet. 

Can You Get Vitamin B12 From a Plant-Based Diet? 

Vitamin B12 sure has some history with veganism, and this is because it is challenging to get B12 from a plant-based diet alone. 

Experts indicate you may find vitamin B12 in some algae and plants that have been contaminated by dirt or insects; but the levels are relatively low. Most of our vitamin B12 comes from animal products. As veganism consists of a plant-based diet, all vegans must carefully consider where they will be sourcing their vitamin B12 from. 

Suppose you do not get adequate levels of vitamin B12 in your diet (which is highly likely if you’re vegan). In that case, you are putting yourself at risk of developing some serious complications with your health. These complications may include anaemia which can result in fatigue, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. You may also experience gut problems along with neurological issues, including foggy thinking and poor memory. 

In summary – you can get vitamin B12 from a plant-based diet. But it’s minimal, and fortified foods or supplementation are recommended to meet your vegan vitamin B12 requirements.

Where Else Can I Get Vegan Vitamin B12?

But outside of animal products, algae and contaminated food, where can you source your vitamin B12 from? 

You can source vitamin B12 from fortified foods; this means vitamin B12 has been added to the food to offer a food source of the vitamin. Foods such as plant-based milk and cereals are commonly found to contain vitamin B12 through fortification. 

Another option, and the most popular one, is through the use of vitamin B12 supplements. Supplements are popular because they provide an easy and safe option. You know the amount you are getting is what you need, and you are getting it at regular intervals. Just make sure that when you choose a vitamin B12 supplement, it is a vegan vitamin source. Many B12 supplements are sourced from animals, which is a problem to flag for vegans. 

It is highly recommended if you are following a plant-based diet that you know your vegan vitamin status and you work towards maintaining healthy levels. This includes checking your vitamin B12 levels regularly through your doctor while selecting a high-quality vitamin B12 supplement.

We recommend looking into Ode Daily to meet your vitamin B12 needs. It is designed for those following a plant-based diet. We have done the research to provide you with a supplement that gives you what you need. 

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