Can Veganism Survive Without Supplements?

Can Veganism Survive Without Supplements?

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It is unlikely veganism is going anywhere anytime soon. Research suggest a vegan diet can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, obesity, heart disease, diabetes…and the list goes on. With the research on the health benefits of veganism mounting, so does support around the world. 

With this appreciation, we can be grateful for the outstanding supplements now available to support a vegan diet…. because, to put it simply – veganism is unlikely to survive without supplements.  

Vitamins for Vegans – What You Need to Know to Survive

It’s complicated! Although many of the nutrient’s humans require are found in plant-based foods, the truth is most people will struggle to reach their requirements when following a vegan diet. 

It's essential to understand what vitamins and minerals vegans need to ensure health is maintained. Many of the vitamins vegans will not find as part of a plant-based diet are vitamins and minerals essential for bone, brain, and immune health. 

Putting your body under the stress of a long-term nutrient deficiency can have devastating consequences on your health. Without these vitamins and minerals, your body simply can't function at its best. So what vitamins and minerals do you exactly need? And do you need to source all of these from supplements?

Do Vitamins for Vegans Need to Come from a Supplement?

There are certain vitamins that vegans are more likely to experience a deficiency in. Vitamins for vegans include vitamin D and vitamin B12; to get the recommended daily requirement of these, you will likely need a supplement or/and look into fortified food products. If you are ever unsure, it is a wise idea to check with your health professional. 

You should also consider your mineral requirements as a vegan. Common mineral deficiencies include calcium, zinc and iodine. Once again, if you are unsure you are getting your daily requirements, check with your health professional and start looking for a high-quality vegan supplement. 

So, unless you are superhuman and immune to the stressors of modern-day living, and you have the time to research every nutrient you need, and then plan your meals every week to meet the target - then supplements are a great solution to help vegans meet their health goals and avoid a health problem.

Ode Daily provides a plant-based vitamin supplement that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of vegans. 

Ode Daily Supplement

Ode Daily Supplement


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